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Depok to Fine up to Rp10mn for Covid-19 Curfew Violators - English

Depok to Fine up to Rp10mn for Covid-19 Curfew Violators - English

TEMPO.CO, JakartaDepok city administration has officially restricted public activities at night (PAW), or imposed curfew, via the issuance of the Mayoral Regulation or Perwal No. 59/2020 concerning the guideline for the proportional large-scale social restriction or PSBB.

As simulated, people are barred from having gatherings after 8 p.m. Public areas such as stores, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and other business activities can only operate until 6 p.m. While the delivery or courier services are allowed to operate until 8 p.m., an hour sooner than the schedule introduced earlier.

However, the PAW policy does not apply to emergencies, drugstore or pharmacy services, health facility services, workers returning from work, as well as night shift workers and officers carrying out surveillance and security activities.

The city administration has also prepared a regulation No. 60/2020 on the sanctions. In which, people violating the curfew will be subject to administrative fines of up to Rp10 million.

Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris previously announced that the policy was aimed at encouraging the implementation of health protocols in an effort to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.

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