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Depok City COVID-19 Recovery Rate Reaches 67 Percent - English

Depok City COVID-19 Recovery Rate Reaches 67 Percent - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Depok City task force announced today that the recovery rate of COVID-19 cases in the region had reached 67 percent. 

“The number of confirmed cases up to Monday night on June 29 amounts to a total of 511 people with an additional 12 people that makes it 67.06 percent from Depok City’s entire confirmed cases,” said Depok City Mayor Mohammad Idris, who also is the chairperson of the COVID-19 task force on Tuesday. 

The cumulative number of COVID-19 patients amount to 762 with 34 deaths among them. 

The city is also monitoring 617 people and 241 patients related to the coronavirus. 604 people are also under monitoring based on contact tracing. The patients under monitoring (PDP) that eventually perished amount to 115 people. 

“The PDP status represents patients that have yet been deemed positive or negative as they still needed to be confirmed through PCR tests, which the data is only released by the Indonesian Health Ministry’s Public Health Emergency Operating Center (PHEOC),” said the COVID-19 task force leader and Mayor.

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