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Depok Council Slams Anies' Remark on COVID-19 Risk in KRL - English

Depok Council Slams Anies' Remark on COVID-19 Risk in KRL - English

TEMPO.CO, Depok - Deputy Speaker of Depok Legislative Council (DPRD) Yetti Wulandari said the COVID-19 outbreak should be seen as a public issue, and so the governments should not lay blame on one another.

“This coronavirus is a pandemic that was being dealt with by almost all countries in the world. As the anticipative measure, we should together strengthen our families to not panic,” said Yetti before reporters today, March 12.

Yetti made the statement in response to Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan’s remark that the highest risk of the new coronavirus contamination is in the KRL or commuter line of Bogor-Depok-Jakarta Kota.

“Jakarta and supporting cities should synergize in educating the public and taking precautionary measures against the virus,” said Yetti.

“So we as the government should show support, rather than blaming each other. This is a pandemic,” Yetti remarked.

According to her, since two residents of Depok were declared to have contracted the virus, the local administration had applied a number of efforts to stop the virus from further spreading in the city, including opening up a crisis center.

“I think that is part of the efforts to maintain the stability among the community, because panic may trigger or affect other issues. Our Health Agency and all health community centers are also ready,” Yetti underlined.

Previously, a photo displaying Anies who seemed to present data of the COVID-19 transmission via mass transportation went viral on social media. The picture showed writings that the highest risk of the virus contamination is in the KRL connecting Bogor, Depok, and Jakarta.

Anies Baswedan clarified that the data was the internal information upon mapping possible areas that could spread the disease as the outbreak mitigation.


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