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Depok's Coronavirus Burial Site Protested by Local Residents - English

Depok's Coronavirus Burial Site Protested by Local Residents - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Residents of the Bedahan sub-district in Sawangan District, Depok, went to the local sub-district office to protest against the use of a public cemetery to bury bodies of the victims of coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

Head of the local community unit (RW) Nasam Haka, together with a group of local residents demanded clarification from the local administration, which they claim has neglected the safety of residents living nearby the public cemetery. 

"Residents have become restless and worried after the body of a deceased coronavirus patient was buried there. We have no issue and don't reject the burial itself as it is a public cemetery," said Nasam at the sub-district office on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Nasam demanded the Depok City administration to inform them in advance as he claims the government never disseminate information concerning the issue publically, especially considering that the area in question is a densely populated residential area. 

Nasam also questioned the Depok regional government's decision to bury the bodies quietly without notifying local residents.

In response to the issue, Head of Depok City's communication and informatics agency, Sidik Mulyono said that the Bedahan public cemetery has been officially appointed as the burial site for the deceased coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. Sidik admitted that the decision has yet to be informed to Bedahan residents. 


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