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COVID-19: Tensions arise between residents, officials over burials in Depok, Medan - The Jakarta Post - Jakarta Post

COVID-19: Tensions arise between residents, officials over burials in Depok, Medan - The Jakarta Post - Jakarta Post

Some nearby residents oppose the burial of a person with COVID-19 at the Bedahan Public Cemetery in Sawangan district in Depok, West Java claiming that the Depok administration had not been transparent over the condition of the deceased.

The head of Depok's Communication and Information Agency, Sidik Mulyono, went to the cemetery on Monday with the Health Agency head Novarita to mediate between the nearby residents and the administration.

The residents expressed complaints about a lack of communication related to the decision to bury a COVID-19 patient in the cemetery.

"The residents wish there had been an announcement at the neighborhood unit [RT] level. The RT head should have told them that there would be a funeral for a person with COVID-19 and they did not have to worry. This was what they were asking [about]: their safety," Sidik told The Jakarta Post in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

In compliance with safety protocols, the hospital that treated the patient had sprayed a disinfectant on the corpse, washed it, covered it in plastic and put it inside a coffin.

The fast-spreading respiratory disease has so far infected 30 people in Depok. As a satellite city of Jakarta, the national epicenter of the outbreak, Depok's number of confirmed cases was the highest in West Java.

The residents' opposition also related to the administration's decision to bury a COVID-19 patient from Cimanggis district, also in Depok, at the Bedahan cemetery. Sidik said the administration chose to bury the patient at this cemetery because of the "emergency situation", although there was an available cemetery in the district where the dead person used to live.

The administration said it previously faced similar opposition from locals near other public cemeteries, but Sidik refused to name the places.

To prevent such incidents from repeating elsewhere, the administration has asked district heads to publicize the administration's decisions related to COVID-19, including about the funerals of residents.

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Similar tensions between a city councilor and the local police chief over a funeral of a patient under close observation took place in Medan, North Sumatra on Monday.

A member of the Medan Legislative Council, Edi Saputera, refused to comply with Medan Police chief Adj. Comr. Faidir Chan's order to immediately bury the patient, who was the councilor’s relative, in line with the protocol for the funerals of persons with COVID-19.

Edi reportedly insisted having a normal funeral ceremony, laying out the corpse in the home of another family member and allowing relatives view the deceased for a last time.

The patient had been treated at the Madani General Hospital in Medan and was tested for the COVID-19 coronavirus, but the results had not been announced by the funeral, said Edi.

"You [the police] are overreacting. Do not be like that. I am myself not afraid of death. What is wrong with death?" Edi, a National Awakening Party (PAN) politician told the police, as shown in a video circulating on the internet.

"Let me swallow the coronavirus."

The North Sumatra administration had declared a state of emergency on Tuesday that would last through to May 29 following growing cases in the province. North Sumatra has been the hardest-hit province on Sumatra Island with 13 confirmed cases and one death. (dfr)

Apriadi Gunawan from Medan contributed to this story

If you want to help in the fight against COVID-19, we have compiled an up-to-date list of community initiatives designed to aid medical workers and low-income people in this article. Link: [UPDATED] Anti-COVID-19 initiatives: Helping Indonesia fight the outbreak

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Depok's Coronavirus Burial Site Protested by Local Residents - English

Depok's Coronavirus Burial Site Protested by Local Residents - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Residents of the Bedahan sub-district in Sawangan District, Depok, went to the local sub-district office to protest against the use of a public cemetery to bury bodies of the victims of coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

Head of the local community unit (RW) Nasam Haka, together with a group of local residents demanded clarification from the local administration, which they claim has neglected the safety of residents living nearby the public cemetery. 

"Residents have become restless and worried after the body of a deceased coronavirus patient was buried there. We have no issue and don't reject the burial itself as it is a public cemetery," said Nasam at the sub-district office on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Nasam demanded the Depok City administration to inform them in advance as he claims the government never disseminate information concerning the issue publically, especially considering that the area in question is a densely populated residential area. 

Nasam also questioned the Depok regional government's decision to bury the bodies quietly without notifying local residents.

In response to the issue, Head of Depok City's communication and informatics agency, Sidik Mulyono said that the Bedahan public cemetery has been officially appointed as the burial site for the deceased coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. Sidik admitted that the decision has yet to be informed to Bedahan residents. 


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Experts call for action on super-spreader - Mon, March 30 2020 - Jakarta Post

Experts call for action on super-spreader - Mon, March 30 2020 - Jakarta Post

Kill the germs: A resident washes her hands using a portable sink provided by the Depok city administration at the Depok Terminal in Depok, West Java. Two Depok residents were the first two confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indonesia. (JP/Rian Alfiandi)That coronavirus is a highly infectious disease is a well-known fact. However, many people still choose to ignore calls from experts and the government to practice physical distancing and cancel big events. Indonesia has saw several large gatherings about a month ago, and now many are worried that such ignorance has helped the virus spread massively to many parts of the country.

At the end of February, a week before President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo announced the first two cases of COVID-19, and while other countries were busy fighting against COVID-19, thousands of people from various cities in Indonesia gathered for two different semin...

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Depok to Propose Local Lockdown to West Java Government - English

Depok to Propose Local Lockdown to West Java Government - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Depok City administration has learned the possibility to impose regional quarantine and submit the proposal to the West Java Provincial administration, as the number of the COVID-19 infection cases has continued to increase in the city.

"We are still studying the option and will convey the result to the West Java Governor as a representative of the central government," Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris said in a statement on Sunday.

The authority to declare regional or partial quarantine is in the hand of the central government according to the law no. 6/2018 on health quarantine.

According to Idris, with the current massive spread of the novel coronavirus in Depok City, regional quarantine should have been imposed in Greater Jakarta that include Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi.

Idris said, his administration has worked closely with the central and provincial governments to handle the coronavirus spreading in the city, and tackle COVID-19 cases in accordance to the health protocol.

"We have conducted intensive monitoring for people under  close monitoring (ODP), patient under surveillance (PDP) and those tested positive who conducted self-isolation, disinfectant spraying, massive socialization, motivate volunteers," he said.

The authority has prepared the University of Indonesia Hospital (RSUI) to treat patients with COVID-19. "We also planned to establish a Field Hospital within the area of the local hospital."

Idris said, some Depok residents are still under medical treatment at the Wisma Atlet emergency hospital.

Earlier on Friday (March 27), the Coordinating Minister of Legal, Political, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD stated that the government is currently drafting a government regulation (PP) on regional quarantine in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Mahfud said that regional isolation must be regulated through PP in accordance with Article 10 of Law No. 6/2018 concerning Health Quarantine, adding that the regulation will be completed as soon as possible given the developing situation.


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Music from graveyard annoys Depok residents - Mon, March 16 2020 - Jakarta Post

Music from graveyard annoys Depok residents - Mon, March 16 2020 - Jakarta Post

Silence at last: A cemetery in Pancoran Mas, Depok, provides a scene of quietude on Friday after being cleaned up by Depok Public Order Agency officers following a year of complaints from nearby residents about loud dangdut music being played by street buskers and scavengers.(JP/Galih Gumelar)Heli, a 30-year-old resident of Pancoran Mas, Depok, West Java, recalled attending a tahlilan (prayer gathering) last Saturday afternoon after one of his neighbors passed away and had just been buried earlier that morning at a cemetery located right in front of his house.The tahlilan went fine as attendees fervently prayed while some wiped away tears as they mourned their loss. However, the mournful atmosphere swiftly changed as loud dangdut music suddenly blared from the middle of the cemetery. “I couldn’t focus on praying as the sound was very disturbing,” Heli told The Jakarta Post on Frida...

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Viral video captures 'dangdutan' in Depok cemetery - Coconuts

Viral video captures 'dangdutan' in Depok cemetery - Coconuts

A video of a dangdut performance (commonly referred to as dangdutan) at a cemetery in Pancoran Mas sub-district in Depok has recently gone viral. The dangdutan, performed by a group of gerobak dangdut (traveling dangdut carts), has evidently overwhelmed the local grave keeper who not only have to deal with the noise, but also the aftermath of the oddly placed shindig. 

Sixty-year-old grave keeper Fuad says the group has held a regular schedule of performances, either weekly or every other week, with the music blaring all night long until midnight.

“The dangdutan [usually] starts after Isya (evening prayer), around 8pm but sometimes they start as early as maghrib (sunset prayer, usually around 6pm),” Fuad told Detik yesterday.

With mobility being its great catch, the traveling dangdut cart carries an audio system consisting of several speakers, amplifiers, a microphone, and sometimes an electric guitar. According to Fuad, this group in particular also has a female singer.

During the particular performance in the viral video, which was captured on Sunday, Fuad said around 20 people attended the bash, simply for fun. Dangdutan usually accompanies other events, such as a wedding. The gravekeeper said that the boisterous party was held by the cemetery area and not inside, adding that the crowd consisted of local residents from the area as well as from other neighborhoods.

Empty plastic bottles were found scattered around the “venue” afterwards, and while unproven, Fuad suspected some of them drank alcohol during the party.

“Well maybe they thought it was entertainment. But for many of us, [enjoy] entertainment at the right place, at a good place [and] not at the cemetery, although [the loudspeaker] was placed on the street, the people were inside the cemetery,” Fuad said.

He claimed that the residents around the cemetery, including the neighborhood chiefs (RT and RW) and even himself, have scolded the group and the attendees to no avail, and they are running out of ideas to turn the dangdut crowd away.

Fuad hopes that Depok authorities would step up and shoo away the dangdut crowd, as he felt that it might be more effective. This morning, the city’s Public Order Police (Satpol PP) came to the cemetery to clean up the area.

A similar occurrence happened in 2018, when a viral video showed a couple in an unknown location in Indonesia holding a wedding reception in a cemetery. However, the guests still had enough respect for the dead (or maybe fear of vengeance from beyond the grave) not to dance on the graves despite the super catchy dangdut music being played on stage.

Dangdut is an onomatopoeia word that describes the distinctive sound of the tabla drum, which is an essential component of any dangdut beat. Created in the 1960s, during the reign of the country’s founding father Sukarno (when western pop music like that of The Beatles was largely banned from the country), dangdut is a uniquely Indonesian music genre but draws extensively from Arabic, Malay and Indian (especially Bollywood) influences.

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Depok Council Slams Anies' Remark on COVID-19 Risk in KRL - English

Depok Council Slams Anies' Remark on COVID-19 Risk in KRL - English

TEMPO.CO, Depok - Deputy Speaker of Depok Legislative Council (DPRD) Yetti Wulandari said the COVID-19 outbreak should be seen as a public issue, and so the governments should not lay blame on one another.

“This coronavirus is a pandemic that was being dealt with by almost all countries in the world. As the anticipative measure, we should together strengthen our families to not panic,” said Yetti before reporters today, March 12.

Yetti made the statement in response to Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan’s remark that the highest risk of the new coronavirus contamination is in the KRL or commuter line of Bogor-Depok-Jakarta Kota.

“Jakarta and supporting cities should synergize in educating the public and taking precautionary measures against the virus,” said Yetti.

“So we as the government should show support, rather than blaming each other. This is a pandemic,” Yetti remarked.

According to her, since two residents of Depok were declared to have contracted the virus, the local administration had applied a number of efforts to stop the virus from further spreading in the city, including opening up a crisis center.

“I think that is part of the efforts to maintain the stability among the community, because panic may trigger or affect other issues. Our Health Agency and all health community centers are also ready,” Yetti underlined.

Previously, a photo displaying Anies who seemed to present data of the COVID-19 transmission via mass transportation went viral on social media. The picture showed writings that the highest risk of the virus contamination is in the KRL connecting Bogor, Depok, and Jakarta.

Anies Baswedan clarified that the data was the internal information upon mapping possible areas that could spread the disease as the outbreak mitigation.


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Depok Mayor Warns Against Panic Amid News of 1st Coronavirus Case - English

Depok Mayor Warns Against Panic Amid News of 1st Coronavirus Case - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Following the announcement of two positive COVID-19 coronavirus cases in Depok, Mayor Mohammad Idris warned Depok residents to not panic while maintaining good personal hygiene. 

“What’s important is that people should not panic. Wash your hands clean, don’t smoke, and get enough sleep,” said Idris at the Depok City Hall on Monday, March 2. 

In response to the confirmed recent Wuhan coronavirus case in Depok affecting two members of the same family, the Mayor explained that he was first informed about it by the Mitra Keluarga Hospital that briefed him about hospital patients with the flu after welcoming guests from Japan and Malaysia. 

He said that the patient admitted herself to the hospital after increasing fears of contracting the virus. “The hospital management has yet to follow-up on the situation with me since the initial report,” said the mayor. 

Reports suggest that the two coronavirus patients have been transferred to another hospital. “We are attempting to obtain information from their neighbors,” he said. “The problem is that we have not received information from their family.”

Indonesian Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto revealed that the country’s first two COVID-19 coronavirus patients were infected by their Japanese national dance partner who was visiting Indonesia at the time of their interaction. 


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Two COVID-19 infected patients are residents of Depok, West Java - ANTARA

Two COVID-19 infected patients are residents of Depok, West Java - ANTARA

The health authority had checked the house where the patients live. After the patients were being taken to the hospital, and according to the procedure, their house is also being monitored as well as isolated.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto reported on Monday that two Indonesians, who had tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, are residents of Depok City, West Java, which is considered a neighboring area of capital Jakarta.

The patients -- a 64-year-old mother and her 31-year-old daughter -- had contracted coronavirus from a Japanese national, who had visited Indonesia and was in close contact with them. The Japanese was confirmed positive for COVID-19 infection while in Malaysia after leaving Indonesia.

"They were detected to have carried the virus on March 1. Thereafter, we already tracked their activities as well as separated all people they had close contact with. Family members, who live together with them, are also separated," Putranto stated.

Both patients are currently under hospitalization and placed in an isolation room of the Sulianti Saroso Infectious Disease Hospital in Jakarta. They are in stable condition despite exhibiting symptoms of cough and cold, he revealed.

"The health authority had checked the house where the patients live. After the patients were being taken to the hospital, and in accordance with the procedure, their house is also being monitored and isolated," Putranto added. Related news: First COVID-19 case surfaces in Indonesia


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Coronavirus Patients from Depok Now at Sulianti Saroso Hospital - English

Coronavirus Patients from Depok Now at Sulianti Saroso Hospital - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Two Indonesian citizens who were tested positive for the novel coronavirus were taken to Sulianti Saroso Hospital in Jakarta. Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto said the two patients who were infected with the pneumonia-causing virus named Covid-19 are from Depok.

Terawan said that the patients contracted the virus from a Japanese national who had visited Indonesia. 

"They are being treated in a special room [at the hospital]; an isolation room [that keeps them] out of contact with other patients," Terawan said at the State Palace, Jakarta on Monday, March 2.

Indonesia's first two cases of infection was announced by President Joko Widodo. The infectees are mother and daughter, "They are already treated at a hospital. The 64-year-old mother and her 31-year-old daugther," Jokowi said at the State Palace earlier today.

Jokowi said the government is ready to handle the situation. "The government has been ready from the beginning. We have hospitals, equipment and SOPs with international standards," Jokowi said.

"We also have a budget for this that has been prioritized. Because, if we are not taking this seriously, this is very dangerous. We need to be aware of this disease," Jokowi said.


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Govt to Isolate Coronavirus Patients' Home in Depok - English

Govt to Isolate Coronavirus Patients' Home in Depok - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto announced that the government would isolate the home of Indonesia’s first two COVID-19 coronavirus patients who were officially confirmed positive on March 1.

“Following the Health Agency’s procedure. [the government] will monitor and isolate the home of two of our citizens who are positive for COVID-19,” said Terawan at the State Palace on Monday, March 2. 

Previously reported, President Jokowi announced the country's first two coronavirus cases, a mother of 61 years of age and her 31-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Health Minister Terawan explained that the two Depok citizens were infected by COVID-19 after the daughter’s interaction with a Japanese national living in Malaysia who was traveling to Indonesia. 

“The Japanese national started to fall ill after he returned to Malaysia. The person tested positive,” Terawan announced. 

Following this revelation, the government decided to check on the people who interacted with the Japanese national in Indonesia. 

However, Terawan said that he had yet tp obtain complete information of the Japanese national’s visit to Indonesia and who the person interacted with during his stay in Indonesia. He also said the Health Ministry was probing this issue and would keep track of this case.

Previously, President Jokowi assured that Indonesia was capable of handling COVID-19 coronavirus cases adhering to both national and international health standards. 


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