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'Religious harmony' versus 'religious city' draft bylaws in Depok - Jakarta Post

'Religious harmony' versus 'religious city' draft bylaws in Depok - Jakarta Post

The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) faction on Depok city council in West Java has countered a draft “religious city” bylaw proposed by the mayor, which would, among other things, regulate how people should dress, with a proposal of its own. Council speaker Hendrik Tangke Allo of the PDI-P said that his party opposed the draft religious city bylaw and instead offered a draft bylaw guaranteeing freedom of religion and religious harmony.  “The city administration should encourage interaction and dialogue between religious, ethnicities, races and other identity-based groups, to safeguard tolerance and harmony among religious followers,” Hendrik said recently. He said Depok was a developing and multifaceted city, therefore it should protect religious freedom and tolerance. “The PDI-P is pushing this bylaw not as an alternative to...

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